"The Path To Advancing Your Career And Upgrading Your Salary"


It's one thing to look good on paper (your resume), however the ability to sell yourself in person is something totally different. One of the BIGGEST mistakes a woman can make in her career is failing to leverage interviews as an avenue for salary increases and career advancement. While conducting interviews as a Hiring Manager, I've watched countless qualified  women dismiss THOUSANDS of dollars because their responses weren't specific, skill-based, results driven and didn't demonstrate their expertise. In essence, they were highly qualified to do the work and perform exceptionally, but their interview wasn't EPIC! If you're ready to climb the career ladder of success and make PowHer Moves in your career, an average interview should NEVER be an option!! One successful interview will take you from the job you dread to the job of your dreams- WITH A SALARY UPGRADE!!




My EPIC Interviews Training is for you IF:

~ You're a career-focused professional woman who is self-motivated, driven and committed to success

~Climbing the corporate ladder is your goal but you're stuck trying to reach the next level in your career

~You can't successfully transfer your past work experience to your current opportunity in a way that gets you HIRED!

~Your time is up in your current role and you're actively pursuing your next position

~You desire a salary increase and/or promotion

~You're proactively interested in improving your interview acumen

~You produce results but aren't proficient in "Interview Speak" (a system to communicate results during your interview)

~You're contacted for interviews but fail to receive offers due to ineffective preparation or because you simply don't have a preparation strategy

What You Can Expect:

~24/7 access to a proven interview preparation success formula that increases your confidence as well as your chances of landing your dream job and advancing your career

~The ability to assess effectiveness of your STAR responses BEFORE the interview so you can secure a job that takes your career and compensation to the next level

~To establish a foundation for interview mastery which is a skill necessary for career growth and expansion of your career options

~To uncover gaps in your qualifications as your prepare so you can expose your expertise during the interview and confirm you're the BEST person for the role

~Downloadable Training Manual

~BONUS: Resume Checklist

~BONUS: Interview Preparation Checklist 

Meet Ericka Spradley




Ericka is an experienced Career Consultant, Author, Interview Trainer, former Hiring Manager and Career Readiness Adjunct Professor. She provides career strategy, ongoing guidance and interview mastery techniques for professional women looking to exceed expectations while advancing their career. Not only does she work with clients to identify career options and provide clarity where blind spots exist, she also partners with them to resolve challenges that hinder career progression. As a result, at least 80% of Ericka's clients receive job offers, make PowHer Moves in their career and 100% of surveyed workshop attendees indicate their interviewing skills improved courtesy of her expertise! Ericka has a reputation for providing clients with relevant knowledge to advance their career while uncovering their competitive advantage in a way that maximizes their career. She believes every woman should excel at work but more importantly, that every woman should know their worth.To work with Ericka and learn more, visit ErickaSpradley.com