5 Simple Strategies To Land Your Ideal Job!!




  • You can expect videos, articles AND:

  • -A career planning template that helps you identify roles and eliminate "the guesswork" as you uplevel your career.

  • -A transferable skills listing designed to identify relevant skills, leverage them as your competitive advantage and attract employers. 

  • -To increase your level of interview preparedness. 

  • Forms

  • -A strategy for nailing the "Tell me about yourself" question + additional background questions you can utilize as you prepare for your interview.

  •  -STAR (behavioral-based) interview tips designed to elevate your interviewing skills.

  • -To align your expertise (skills, experience and education) with the role you desire.

  • -Daily actionable steps that not only encourage you but also empower you to pursue a fulfilling career.

  • -To develop a "no matter what mindset" that increases resilience during your job search.




Hi! I'm Ericka Spradley and I've landed roles in industries where I lacked education and/or experience all because I know how to position myself on paper (resume) and interview successfully. I'm now on a mission to ensure you're not only prepared and confident during the interview so you can get hired, but to also assist you in taking your career to the next level! If you're seeking a new position and need assistance selling yourself as the best candidate, sign up for my "5 Simple Strategies To Land Your Ideal Job." I also invite you to visit my website: www.ErickaSpradley.com

Here's to you and your next level!